Freedom of the open road

VC London, London, England

The motorcycle tourers spreading the joy of biking

Gemma Harrison, who makes up one third of female motorbike collective VC London, is keen to dispel a few myths about women on bikes. “We’re not really a club or a gang, and it’s not a reaction to anything,” she says. “The biker community overall is very welcoming of everyone, I find. This just developed out of me having fun with my friends.”

“It caught on because we were unpretentious about bikes”

When Gemma and her friends Mai and Namin started an Instagram account on their exciting horsepower adventures (From East London To LA), it really struck a chord. “It caught on because we were unpretentious about bikes,” she says. “We discovered there were lots of girls who’d love to learn to ride, so we started teaching them, for free, a few nights a week, in a car park. Now it’s turned into this really supportive community.”

“I love the freedom of being on a bike”

For Gemma, the open road is a ticket to adventure. “I love the freedom of being on a bike,” she says. “It’s such a fun way to get around a city and you can be out of London in beautiful countryside in half an hour, clearing your head. And we are all supporting each other, not competing. That’s great.”


Photography by Jody Daunton