Legacy Maker

A new twist to an old art

Marian Nuñez, Vigo, Spain

Marian Nuñez’s interest in lace-making came from her mother, who worked in Parisienne haute couture in the Sixties. After training as a graphic designer and working in advertising in France, Holland, Belgium and Portugal, Marian, 40, returned to Spain, following her passion for this traditional craft.

Marian, who teaches lace-making in the city of Vigo, Galicia, explains: “My inspiration comes from pop art, comics, music and graffiti. It comes from day-to-day life in Vigo, a fashionable city, a fishing port. The sea and the boats are part of my influence.”

“The sea and the boats are part of my influence”

Marian can spend six to nine months creating her lace works of art, which include 3D pieces. Her unique “sculptures”, she says, using a variety of materials, draw on ancient skills with a contemporary twist: “I try to tell a story through the technique of bobbin lace. My work is organic and every piece is different. I work from home and use a variety of diverse materials – plastic, metal, silk, cotton, linen and wool in different colours. This isn’t traditional lace making, I explore and experiment; I use basic stitches in a different way, making new possibilities. I use a tool to augment the materials, but it’s a very delicate process with my hands, this work with lace.”

“I’m very proud of what I do, it brings me great joy”

Her works are full of colour and shapes and can be technically complex because of the delicacy of the threads. For the moment the process of creating is everything. “My passion, obsession, is with lace,” the lace-maker adds. “I’m interested in the way the threads are originally cut. I’m very proud of what I do, it brings me great joy.”

Photography by Gianfranco Tripodi