The San Miguel Rich List 2017

San Miguel has been exploring the world since 1890, which is why it believes that true wealth comes from amazing experiences rather than material wealth. The third San Miguel Rich List recognises incredible men and women who have dedicated their lives to pursuing the most valuable thing of all: experience. From Trailblazers at the head of their game, to Legacy Makers striving to make their own mark, Artisans who love honing their skills, to Pioneers who have embarked on life-changing experiences in spite of their own circumstances, they all want to live wealthier, more enriched lives – just like treehouse master Takashi Kobayashi, who features in the film above. His love of living the rather unusual high life found him a place on the 2017 San Miguel Rich List. San Miguel is inviting people to examine their own views on what constitutes wealth and to find their own definition of what rich means to them. Can you find yours?