Take inspiration and discover how to live a rich and fulfilling life

It’s easy to think that exciting, stimulating lives are something only other people get to lead

That following your dreams will be too expensive, too time-consuming — or that you’re simply not cut from the right cloth. Our Rich Listers would defy anyone with this attitude. What unites them all is a belief in the fact that they’re far from extraordinary. Every one sees themselves as a normal person who simply got on with things that others might not deem possible.

In many situations, in fact, they started with a disadvantage. Consider 2017 Rich Lister Miles Hilton-Barber, who went blind but became a celebrated explorer; or rock-balancing artist Adrian Gray, who lived with chronic fatigue. Then there’s Gavin Munro, who crafts incredible furniture despite a spinal injury. If they can do it, they say, anybody can. For some, a physical challenge is the way to find out new things about themselves. For that, the persistence our Rich Listers show is what matters most. They found their rich.

Equally as intriguing is finding a path in life that puts you very much “in the moment”. Away from the distractions of the modern world, they find themselves in a near-Zen state when they concentrate solely on the task at hand. If you’re doing something you love, little else matters, and time flies.

You don’t have to go to the end of the world to start enriching your life. As 2017 Rich Lister and explorer Belinda Kirk tells us: “Try little adventures first. You don’t need a lot of time and money.”

She’s right. Anyone can do it. Find your rich.

Here’s how you can put experiences at the heart of all you do

1 Dig a well

There’s nothing more fulfilling than giving something back – and digging a well can help an entire community by protecting them against waterborne diseases. The manual labour is also oddly enjoyable if your normal 9-5 involves a lot of indoor screen time. Sri Lanka is a good option, and charities such as The Water Project offer a variety of destinations where you can assist the sixth of humanity that lacks access to safe water.

2 Learn to hula hoop

Very few people will have tried this since childhood, but hula-hooping — which started as a fad in Australia during the Fifties — has come back into fashion in Sydney gyms, where it combines being extremely fun with being an incredibly good, core-blasting exercise regime. And these dance-style classes where you can unleash your inner kid have now reached the UK too, with the likes of offering hip-and-hoop entertainment galore.

3 Cobble something together

There’s nothing more satisfying than crafting something from scratch — so how about making the very surfaces we stand on? Cobbling is an art as old as roads themselves, and the Greystoke Cycle Café in Penrith, Cumbria, runs day-long courses in this old skill. It’s a peaceful process in which you’ll learn about hard landscaping and traditional techniques — as well as enjoying a cream tea.

4 Go off grid in Northern Scotland

It’s hard to have a proper mental break when it’s possible to check Twitter every 10 minutes. Time away from all forms of media is hard to come by, but companies such as are now offering mains-electric-free holiday options across the UK, with the likes of Aberdeenshire bothies proving popular. The range of venues forces you to go device-free — meaning you may rediscover the art of observing your surroundings.

5 Dive with seals

Most people think of the Great Barrier Reef when it comes to diving with animals, but it’s also perfectly possible in the UK, and the Farne Islands, off the coast of Northumberland, are the perfect place to observe the stunning native grey seal colony. Companies such as offer undersea odysseys in this protected Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, where around shipwrecks and outcrops you can come face-to-face with these beautiful, gentle beasts.

6 Go oyster hunting

Why sit on a canal side with a fishing rod when you could go oyster hunting? The Bedruthan Hotel and Spa on the Cornish coast offers a sustainable and adventurous way to stack up on delicacies for your dinner: parties head out to the Camel Estuary, and walk along the tide lines with a local oysterman. You’ll then take your booty back to the hotel for a demonstration of how best to cook up these treats. Enjoy them afterwards in the restaurant overlooking the coast.

7 Make your own chair

Combining the restorative qualities of sleeping in the wild with the joys of making something yourself, Crafty Camping in Dorset offers taster woodwork courses, after which you can rest up in a lovely tipi, yurt or hut. The sustainable carpentry course is particularly alluring: two days of intensive classes that culminate in making a chair from a tree. See to find out more.